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Strategy Formulation & Organizational Change

In order to succeed in today's global marketplace, organizations must transform and continuously re-invent their business models. Navigating turbulent, external environments and unexpected events demands competence in embracing and thriving on fundamental changes to organizational culture and individual mindsets.

In our experience, these challenges cannot be overcome using conventional methods and traditional timeframes. Our approach to managing change builds on a process of systematic inquiry into core organizing processes and mindsets with the aim of unleashing the inherent capacity of individuals to explore, identify and achieve positive impacts in economic and human terms.

Customized and co-created processes

Rather than being anchored in a single proprietary set of approaches and methods, we draw on multiple approaches that are specifically suited to the unique needs, challenges and opportunities faced by our clients and their stakeholders. At Stakeholder Research Associates, we are committed to co-creating with our clients a customized approach that promotes meaningful conversations, new understandings and bold actions.

Common to all of our initiatives is a commitment to designing ethically grounded change processes that share the following:

  • Creative inquiry, shifting collective thinking away from a problem-focused approach to one that surfaces and builds on inherent capabilities for fundamental, meaningful change in both mindsets and actions. Instead of focusing on negation, criticism and endless diagnosis, our interventions promote creative explorations and synergy between diverse perspectives. We strive for dramatically reduced cycle times for fundamental strategic breakthroughs, solution delivery and results monitoring
  • Focus on action, including the rapid translation of meaningful inquiry and shared learning into practical actions that can embed new understandings in organizational practice. We aim to develop customized processes that generate multiple high-leverage decisions and actions that lead to measurable and sustainable results.
  • Co-creation, grounding interventions in processes that involve value-creating partnerships with internal change agents and leaders. From the outset of our engagement process, we actively involve key stakeholders in the design, implementation and monitoring of change initiatives, leading to comprehensive, integrated decision-making and commitment to successful implementation
  • Capacity building, to strengthen and sustain the change process through ongoing dialogue, learning and continuously refined actions. Our aim is to help organizations build internal capacity and expertise for ongoing, self-managing, self-sustaining strategic leadership and change management



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