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Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that engaging effectively with stakeholders is fundamental to successful business in the 21st century. Value creation for everyone involved in an enterprise is essential to creating a common purpose to tackle the complex issues facing organizations.

Our research suggests that stakeholder engagement is continuing to grow as a critical organizational function. As stakeholder pressures become increasing broad and resource-demanding, our goal is to help clients transform their engagement activities from a risk-management tool into a deep-seated element of strategic planning.

Multi-faceted issues demand multiple approaches

At Stakeholder Research Associates, engaging with stakeholders underlies each of our service offerings. Our view is that stakeholder engagement is as multi-faceted as the issues it is meant to address. We have extensive experience working with clients and their stakeholders to develop the appropriate conditions for value-creating engagement – whether that is through large-scale stakeholder surveys custom-designed for broad-based opinion gathering; issue-specific dialogue by way of one-on-one engagement with opinion formers or through focus groups; strategy-focused conversations with advisory panels; or high-leverage solutions-creation through outcome-oriented partnerships.


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