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Leadership Development

Managing change in turbulent times requires confidence, creativity and flexibility. Stakeholder Research Associates provides customized learning tools designed specifically for middle and senior managers operating in to the area of corporate responsibility. Our goal is to build an organization’s leadership resiliency and readiness to engage with internal and external stakeholders and, with their support, embrace change.

We specialize in:

  • Senior management executive coaching.
  • Customized change management and sustainability training programs at the middle- and senior-management levels.
  • Train the Trainer programs to build organizational capacity for continuous and sustainable strategic revitalization.

Collaborative and ‘safe’ learning contexts

We create a collaborative and ‘safe’ learning context from the outset of a project that is designed to surface new ideas and enable actions to emerge on an ongoing basis.

We begin our work collaboratively with members of the leadership team to identify internal challenges and opportunities specific to learning within the organization’s culture and practices. We broaden our exploration by engaging a larger orbit of employees (senior management, employee development groups, human resources and representatives from the organization’s operating group, as well as employee representatives). Our aim is to leverage internal knowledge and expertise to drive the learning strategy, while maximizing internal feedback, ownership and enthusiastic ‘permission to proceed’ from key players who will play a critical roll in its successful implementation.

We support our learning tools with our expertise in rapid, non-bureaucratic employee surveys that are designed to surface an understanding of the organization’s cultural climate and readiness for change. This approach can enhance the development of employee training modules to maximize internal learning and to provide a benchmark to facilitate measurement of the success of the learning initiatives during and following roll-out. We also recommend consideration of a limited but incisive survey of key external stakeholders to provide insight into external perceptions of the organization that can provide a benchmark of external opinion against which to measure future success learning outcomes.

At the executive level, our aim is to create customized collaborative learning spaces where executive management and directors can develop the leadership perspectives required to develop high-impact strategies and methods of engagement and to provide foundation tools to manage deep-seated and continuous change.



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