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Since 1999, Stakeholder Research Associates has helped businesses, governments and civil society organizations manage and communicate today’s complex issues by enlisting the support of stakeholders to seize opportunities, achieve results and create enduring value for all.

We are unique in our ability to identify, design and implement initiatives that help organizations transform stakeholder engagement into learning, action and value creation. Our consulting model is rooted in the belief that this approach to strategies and solutions can provide an organization with lasting competencies in value creation.

PIVOTAL We help organizations create stakeholder-inclusive, value-added strategies and solutions at each stage of our PIVOTAL™ process.

We have a depth of experience helping organizations create competitive advantage by advancing their sustainability strategies and communications. Consultants at Stakeholder Research Associates have worked with businesses in the extractives, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, retail and educational sectors, as well as with such international development organizations as the UN, IFC and Oxfam, and federal and regional government departments and agencies.

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Helping organizations navigate change in turbulent times and translate their commitments to corporate responsibility into practice ... more


Providing customized learning tools that equip senior leaders with the skills to manage with confidence, creativity and flexibility ... more

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Supporting dialogue that challenges established ways of thinking and brings fresh, multiple perspectives to familiar issues ... more


Transforming enhanced stakeholder dialogue and strategic communication to strengthen clarity, transparency and prosperity ... more



Organizational Transformation emerges from the confluence of these iterative, cumulative processes. Together they assist organizations in the development of methods to integrate core values and shared visions at a strategic level.
Ongoing Learning, built on internally directed employee training and strategy-based conversations with stakeholders, ensures the sustainability of your organization’s transformation initiatives while accelerating learning and growth.
Organization change is embedded through high-leverage Actions, including management coaching, employee training and value-driven communications.
The Inquiry process enables organizations to revisit and revitalize core issues of shared identity and the Visioning of stakeholder-inclusive organizational strategies and solutions.
Successful Provocation sets the stage for expanding an organization’s Inquiry beyond the scope of merely fine-tuning old mindsets. Inquiry introduces complexity and opinion into facilitated conversations, toward the maximization of transparency and understanding.
Provocation suspends traditional mindsets and cultural norms long enough to question core assumptions and values. Successful provocation creates “safe space” for quantum leaps in shared perspectives on things that matter the most.


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