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Communicating Progress

Communicating a full account of an organization’s activities – not only its economic impact, but also its impacts on the environment and in the communities in which it operates – can be an important strategic tool. By reporting on impacts, an organization can build trust with its stakeholders, contribute to its social license to operate, help manage risk and reputation, and provide access to markets and new business opportunities.

Companies with experience in creating non-financial communications say that the discipline of communicating and reporting also provides value internally. It can help align corporate vision, motivate staff, identify ways to reduce costs, encourage innovation and attract high-quality employees.

Our commitment: clarity, transparency, prosperity

At Stakeholder Research Associates, our aim is to help organizations achieve clarity, transparency and prosperity through strategic corporate responsibility communications. We believe that preparing a corporate responsibility report opens opportunities for engagement, learning and innovation. We have in-depth expertise across a range of sectors and at each stage of the reporting cycle. We can guide your organization through the full continuum – from strategy development to dissemination – or reinforce your internal team with best-in-class research, writing and/or editing.

Stakeholder Engagement Execution Dissemination Capacity Learning Expectations Opportunity




Feedback and learning loops through stakeholder assurance panels, surveys, feedback cards, online forums, etc.
Publication and distribution internally and externally
Report roadmap; data compilation; storyline research; design, channel and distribution development; stakeholder and other third-party assurance
Analysis of internal capacity, including information management systems and data collection; HR and other resources; organizational alignment
External analysis, including benchmarking; indicators, standards and assurance mapping; stakeholder engagement opportunities
Internal analysis, including values, vision and strategy check; issues, scope and stakeholder mapping


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