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Asaf Zohar. BA, MES, PhD
Senior Partner

Asaf ZoharAsaf is the Founding and current Chair of the Masters in Sustainability Studies Program at Trent University. He is also the Director of the Business Administration Program at Trent. He previously held the position of Assistant Professor and Program Director of the MBA Strategy Field Study at the Schulich School of Business, York University. He divides his energies among a variety of teaching, research and consulting activities. He has directed courses in strategic analysis, creative problem solving and change management in York's MBA program, where he has pioneered the incorporation of principles of creative problem solving, systems thinking and organizational learning into the MBA curriculum. He has received numerous learning facilitation awards at Schulich. He is also a founding faculty member and facilitator of the Sustainable Enterprise Academy, an executive development program run by the Erivan K. Haub Program in Business and Sustainability at the Schulich School of Business.

Asaf's current consulting and research activities address the management of change in conditions of turbulence and uncertainty. His recent work has focussed on designing and facilitating strategic decision-making processes for multiple stakeholders that condense lengthy strategic planning processes in shortened time horizons, and build shared commitment based on common concerns, experiences, and aspirations. These approaches represent practical ways in which organizations can gain competitive advantage by applying organizational learning principles to the development of innovative sustainable development strategies.

Asaf has co-authored a series of international publications on organizational learning and change management that build on the insights of the new science of chaos and complexity. These works outline an innovative approach to realizing large-scale organizational change initiatives through a critical mass of high leverage individual actions. He has made numerous executive and academic presentations and facilitated executive programs in Canada, the Middle East, and the US. on how we can create learning organizations that self-organize - continually creating new, emergent learning structures and processes that effectively respond to current needs. He has more than a decade of experience in successfully applying these ideas in a wide range of organizations, from manufacturing to road paving to start-up electronic businesses to healthcare and self-help community groups.

Asaf has a BA in Psychology and an MES specializing in Project Assessment and Evaluation from York University in Toronto. His PhD focused on Organizational Theory and Organizational Behaviour from Schulich School of Business at York.




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